What happened to Mark Marquez?

The titled pilot at a speed of 137 km / h could not cope with driving and took off into the air. Fortunately, he survived and miraculously escaped without injuries, although he made several painful coups on the asphalt.
“By tomorrow I will have bruises, but, fortunately, I was not injured, and it will not be difficult for me to continue the fight. I am lucky that I got out of this fall unharmed, because it is easy to get injured when you take off into the air,” – Marquez commented on the accident.

It is worth noting that Marquez has set a lot of records in motorsport, and is also a six-time world champion in the MotoGP class. 28-aged Spaniard has already inscribed himself in motorcycle racing history. In 2013, in the top class, Marquez made his debut and won the title from the very first attempt, and over the past 8 years, he took 6 titles at once. It was not possible to win the championship only in 2015, but even there the Honda pilot fought to the last for victory at the end of the season, and also in 2020, where circumstances developed against the main star of MotoGP, albeit to the benefit of all fans of the series.


Source: motorsport.com

Why does Rossi leave his job?

Legendary motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi decided to hide his racing leggings. He announced that the 2021 season is the last in the prestigious MotoGP series.
The pilot of the Petronas Yamaha SRT team turned 42 this year and spent half his life in the MotoGP / 500cc teams. Calmness, prudence and stability – the main features of Valentino on the track, for which he received the nickname Doctor. Due to this, he managed to win so often. Talented and charismatic, the racer sometimes staged real shows after his victories. That is why the sun and the moon always adorn the sides of his helmet – as two opposites of one person.
Valentino Rossi is also the only racer to have won titles in all existing “classes” of the royal class: 500cc, 990cc and 800cc.

Contrary to the rules, Valentino always performed under the lucky number 46. The winner of the race in the next race must perform under number 1, Valentino chose the number 46. He explains this by the fact that his father won his first victory, performing under this number.
The Doctor will have a farewell race on November 14th and the Spanish track wanted to do him justice.
Before the start of his penultimate MotoGP race weekend in Portimão, Valentino Rossi revealed that he had outlined his plans to continue his career.

Source: GPOne.com