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Having spent a lifetime around motorsports, working, building and crewing on cars in various forms of motorsports, Jason Shalders has formed APS Motorsports, with the goal of bringing together some of the best engineers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and put all their experience into the business, so that we can provide our customers with the very best parts, components, engines and accessories.

All of our components, either in house designed and manufactured or from our approved list of specialist suppliers and partners are run in our project cars, to prove their quality and to show off these great pieces of engineering.

The company has been working on improvements to the Lotus 900 series of engines along with the Rover V8 engine. However, that is not just where our experience stops, we can look at other types of engine, for all manner of applications, from a simple re-build, to something a bit special.

Please take time to view our Projects section of the website, where you can follow the build of our in house test cars and our engine development programs.

I hope you enjoyed your time visiting our website, if you have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, our details can be found on the Contact us link on all pages of this website.

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Jason Shalders,
Founder & Managing Director.

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