GBT 5463 Turbo Charger

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The GBT units come with red anodised compressor wheel and black compressor backplate as standard. There is an option to select silver anodised compressor wheel and backplate if desired. In addition to giving the turbos excellent aesthetic appearance the anodising creates a protective layer on the aluminium that helps prevent oxidisation and increases resistance to scratching and wear.

Water Cooled or Air Cooled Bearing Housing

Water cooling is commonly run through OEM and motorsport turbochargers, to help prevent against heat soak to the bearing system. However, where plumbing restrictions or packaging and weight saving is key there is an option to use an air only cooled bearing housing. GBT turbos specially designed air and oil cooled bearing housing has radial air fins, giving a large surface area. Heat soak is dissipated substantially more than just basic oil-cooling alone. Drawing heat away from the oil, bearing system and rotational assembly parts reduces oil breakdown rates and improves component longevity.

Ported Compressor Covers

Generally Ported shroud compressor covers with anti-surge ports is favoured, especially with larger wheel sizes, as it widens the safe operating zone within the compressor map, increases top end flow and protects against low down surge. The advantage with a non-ported compressor cover is that it is significantly quieter.

Boost Pressure Take-off and Speed Sensor Fitment

Owen Developments have designed their new compressor cover castings so that they can be drilled and tapped for boost pressure and speed sensor fitment. This gives complete flexibility to what data needs to be extracted from the turbo when in operation. Speed sensor kits and Boost pressure take-off kits can also be supplied upon request.

Oil Filter and Restrictor (within the oil feed connection)

Many turbochargers fail due to debris contamination in the oil feed, which can catastrophically damage the motorsport bearings used in these turbos. This newly designed oil feed union houses a stainless steel mesh filter which will capture all potentially damaging debris and vastly increases turbo longevity. In-house testing has shown that the oil feed union will supply the bearing with an optimal amount of oil between 3-4 bar of oil pressure. When excessive oil is being supplied to the turbo as a result of higher oil pressure, a modified oil restrictor can me used. This can be inserted in to the union reduces oil flow by around 23%.


Without detriment to the purchaser’s rights of law, all products sold will be investigated on an individual basis. Many, but not all products sold by Owen Developments (UK) Ltd are covered by a 12 month or 12000 mile (whichever is the soonest) against manufacturing defect warranty. There are no warranty provisions on any goods or products used in or related to Motorsport and associated activities.

Water and Oil Line Fitting Kits

For Installation convenience there is a choice of different water and oil drain fittings. Oil drain unions can be supplied in different lengths and connection types. Water fittings can either be a union piece with an -4AN connector or banjo fitment (single or 90° elbow piece) for the hose connection.

Additional information

Weight 5600 g
Backplate & Compressor Wheel Colour

Red & Black, Silver

Compressor Cover Options

Ma3 Ported, Ma3 Non-Ported

Bearing Housing & Turbine Housing Options

Water Cooled without Turbine Housing, Water Cooled with NT3.0 (+£330.89), Water Cooled with NT3.1 (+£343.41), Water Cooled with NT3.3 (+£376.77), Air Cooled without Turbine Housing (+£85.73), Air Cooled with NT3.0 (+£416.62), Air Cooled with NT3.1 (+£429.14), Air Cooled with NT3.3 (+£462.50)