Renault Clio MK1 2.0 Williams (1993-1994) LHD Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box & 1/2 Price Brake Hose Kit

£409.01 exc. VAT

Kit Contents: 3 Pedal Box For Hydraulic Clutch with Bias Bar, 3x Master Cylinders & 4 Hose OEM Replacement Braided Brake Hose Kit.


This kit combines our car specific pedal box with its brake hose kit to give you a massive 50% discount on the hoses.

Mounting Location: Floor Pan Fit

Pedals: Light Weight Steel

Clutch: Hydraulic

Pedal Ratio: 5.5:1

Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 Kg) * (With Bias Bar, without Master Cylinders)

obp have designed this system so it is incredibly easy to install. This new revolutionary system bolts to the floor and uses the floor pan angle to mount the master cylinders. NO welding or cutting is required. However you will need to fit sufficient fixing points / boss to bolt the unit to the floor. obp recommend a minimum of 4 fixing points.

These pedal boxes represent a major step forward in car control, giving the driver better feel, greater dexterity and the most important bit Quicker Lap Times.

New Revolutionary Floor Pan fit. Incorporating the angle of the floor pan as part of the installation design. No cutting or welding is needed to install.

The brake hose kit will replace your standard rubber hoses for a sharper and more responsive feel under braking. These kits eliminate the ‘spongy’ feel you get under heavy braking with the standard rubber hoses.

HEL Performance and obp Motorsport always has quality at the forefront of all that we do. The obp-HEL hoses are stringently tested to the requirements as laid down by federal regulations, both in the laboratory and on the race track where they are proven time and time again.

The obp-HEL hoses pass and exceed the requirements of government bodies around the globe making them street legal anywhere in the world.

All obp-HEL brake hoses comply with the requirements of FMVSS-106. These requirements set out the strict test criteria that all hoses must pass to enable them to be used on the road.

These requirements as commanded by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are then used by the DOT (United States Of America), NHTSA (United States Of America), TuV (Germany), ADR (Australia), LTSA (New Zealand), IDR (Israel) and MOT (Europe) as the test criteria used by each country. Having passed these requirements and by registering with the above organisations obp-HEL Performance brake lines can be used anywhere in the world.

Please note, the product image is for example purposes only, the kit you receive may differ.