JIC Fitting Bulk Head Mount Oil Catch Tank

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This Race Spec Oil Catch tank is designed for Professional Drivers and Professional Race teams.

This is not a toy like some of the other catch tanks out there.

obp Race Spec Oil Catch Tanks are manufactured by qualified engineers in their own factory based near Cambridge England.

MSA regulations state that up to 2 litre cars require a 2 litre oil catch tank, and over 2 litre cars require a 3 litre oil catch tank.

If you are not aware what a catch tank does is it collects all the oil that is breathed out of the engine when under hard use.When an engine has been highly tuned it will breath more oil than normal. This oil is not allowed to spill on any race track the obp Race Spec Oil Catch Tank will stop any unwanted oil on the track.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

1.5 Litre w/ JIC 6 Inlet, 2 Litre w/ JIC 6 Inlet, 3 Litre w/ JIC 10 Inlet