Mega Monster 6 Pot Calipers – 360mm x 28mm

£1,475.75£1,804.61 exc. VAT

Product Kit Includes: 2 x APS Motorsports Mega Monster 6 Pot Callipers, 2 x Conversion Calliper Mounting Brackets, 2 x 360mm x 28mm Standard Grooved Curved Vane Rotors/Discs, 2 x Aluminium Anodised Adaptor Bells.



Minimum 18” Wheel

Check for Clearances before ordering. A wheel clearance diagram is available upon request.



In this kit, you will receive 2 x APS Motorsports Mega Monster 6 piston radial callipers, these are machined out of high quality billet aluminium with a beautiful hand finish and are fully dust sealed with high temperature EPDM seals. They feature internal fluid crossover this reduces the risk of a leak or damage to exposed piping. The mega monster calliper has three different size pistons which gives a more tailored pressure displacement on the pad, making it more efficient and a better braking response compared to the normal monster calliper. They also have a large contact area with the disc giving more breaking power.


Calliper Specifications

Piston Size: 2 x 27, 2 x 31.2mm 2 x 38.6mm

Pad swept area: 150mm x 53.4mm x 13.25mm

Piston material: Hard anodised billet aluminium

Body material: 6082T6 Billet aluminium

Weight approximately: 2400g

Hydraulic thread: M10 x 1.0

Radial Mounting: 154mm



Minimum wheel size 18”

Along with the callipers, you will also receive 2 x 360mm x 28mm disc rotors, we supply these in the standard Grooved Disc with curved internal vanes for better cooling.

These will also come with 2 x anodised disc bells, that adapt the Volvo PCD stud pattern to the lovely 360mm Rotors/discs


Additional information

Weight 2400 g
Caliper Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver

Bell Colour

Silver, Black

Rotor Style

Standard Grooved, Race Grooved, Spot Grooved (£10), X-Drilled (£10), Combi (£50)

Brake Pads

None, EBC Greenstuff (£75.86), EBC Redstuff (£95.95), EBC yellowstuff (£94.92), Ferodoo DS2500 (£257.12), Ferodoo DS3000 (£278.86), Mintex 1144 (£148.15), Mintex 1155 (£148.15)