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Being car enthusiasts here at APS Motorsports, we do tend to like all sorts of cars and when our good friend James Lyons started to talk to us about his Volvo project, we couldn’t help but get involved! James is a long-time friend of Craig at APS Motorsports and has now become friends with us all.

We asked James to tell us a bit about his project and explain what his plans are for her.

James’s Volvo Story

“The Volvo 240 project started a few years ago, when my group of friends started modifying their cars, so of course I needed to build something faster and better but I didn’t want something that everyone knew about I needed something unsuspectingly fast.

Something different that would make people intrigued which led me onto the old Volvos, so after 6 months of looking for one, I finally found my Volvo 240 1984 DL in the middle of Liverpool.
As a standard car they are slow, heavy and possibly the most un-aerodynamic brick known to man, so some improvements were needed. The original plan was to put a Redblock B230FK out of the later 940’s straight into the car to give it around 200bhp with a few simple modifications, of course spending time at APS Motorsports and being around Jason and the team, meant that those plans were to change, they started feeding me more and more ideas of what could be done, different ways of looking at how to power the car.

The new plan for the car will be a B230 Redblock, which will be running around 500 – 600bhp with new idea for a transmission, in a completely different location. The plan is to fit a Subaru gearbox 5 speed dog box but used as a transaxle at the rear of the car. Of course, with a lot more power there are other upgrades we have to do to the car, chassis rigidity, suspension, brakes, etc.
One of the new parts of the car I am really proud of are the new front brakes, these are a joint design of APS Motorsports, Hispec Motorsports and myself, we have developed some lovely 6 pot brake callipers with 360mm ventilated discs on aluminium mounting bells. These are now a direct swap on to any of your Volvo 240’s, so drop APS an email and get yours on order!! They’re Ace!! I have them wrapped by these gorgeous Bola 18” wheels which I have fitted to the car.

The whole goal of the car is to build something different, with the old looks, but with plenty of modern day controlled Volvo power! My plan is for the car be used on the track, and hopefully be used on the road as well…”

It’s not just James that has love for the Volvo, team member Simon Mather is also a lover, with Jason loving the engines… You just can’t beat a bit of #OVLOVLOVE

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