Sylva Striker

Now this little car is going to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Jeremey Phillips supplied a Mk4 car to Jason when he was only 18 years old (quite some time ago!), it was his first full car build and led him and APS to where they are now. The original MK4 was sold many years ago, but the yearn for a Striker has never left, so, when an opportunity came up to purchase this car, the deal was made and the car was driven back from Hastings to Warrington!! Not a trip for the faint hearted and one which involved the odd stop for electrical issues! The car is currently running a freshly built Ford X-Flow, 1700cc naturally aspirated with a Type 9 5 speed box and a live axle. There are plans to upgrade this car, to make it more “APS Motorsports”, but that will follow in time. The aim is to use this car to develop more components and put them through their paces through real road and track use.

Please follow the build on here and our social media pages, to see her progress, and see when and where she will be attending any shows.

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