MGB GT3 (exterior, on show)

The project really started back in 1995, with our first MGB GT, a 1975 rubber bumper car, it was our first test car, for all the crazy engine ideas we had. It was at this time, the initial idea of our quad cam, 32 valve Rover V8 was formed. Skip forward more years than we would like to mention, and with Avaline under design and construction, we get to the point where we have to look at what car to put her in. The only car we wanted to use, to put this one-off engine in, was the car we dreamed of, all that time ago! The dream was a circuit inspired, low slung, space framed chassis MGB GT, but brought up to the modern day, in a “GT3” style!

Following an interesting conversation with build partner Chris Isaacs, then, with plenty of research on wheelbase, specifications, regulations, weights, Nürburgring performances car by car and a plethora of pictorial information, the task was set and a 1966 body shell was sourced, taken down to Chris, along with many of the initial parts. The gallery, along with our social media pages tell the story of the build of this very special car.

The goal of the car, is to build a road legal car, that will attempt the record around the Nürburgring for the quickest road legal lap around the legendary 12.9-mile circuit. We have many other competitions and trials that we will use the car, for, so make sure you follow our progress, as we try to rewrite the record books!

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