Lotus Esprit Turbo S3

Two reasons are present for this being one of our projects. Firstly, it was one of Jason’s favourite cars when he was growing up, secondly, it represents one of the engines that APS Motorsports specialise in. What better way can we show off our work, abilities and quality, than putting our products in our cars and then letting you drive them.

This particular car is a 1981 Esprit Turbo, it had belonged to the previous owner for 29 years, in which time several changes were made and the original engine and gearbox had been swapped. The car had sadly been sat outside and become a bit worse for wear. We promised Laurence, who was the owner, that we would take care of her, show her lots of love, make her pretty again and get her back on the road.

Our intention is to completely re-build her, with one of our engines, a new gearbox, new brakes and suspension, new wheels, new interior, new paint and bring her back, not just to her former glory, but better!

The engine fitted in her, has already begun, with many of the parts already made, she will be de-stroked to only 2litres, but have the best in parts inside, to allow us to turbo charge her in to the 500bhp mark.

Please follow the build on here and our social media pages, to see her progress, and see when and where she will be attending any shows.

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Lotus Esprit Turbo S3 (exterior, back)

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